Joni Aromaa

Backend developer with interest in building creative, complex, scalable and big software with performance in the mind.

Primary writing C# and trying to understand the internals of CoreCLR.

Github Jenkins Mail Discord: Joni#6762


TestMyCode: C# support

Added support for the C# language.

Created a library to help writing unit tests.

Website Documentation GitHub

Trash Detection

Modular and scalable Minecraft cheat detection system.

Works as a microservice and is seperate system from the game server.

Website GitHub


Admin in PärinäCräft from 2016-2018.


WorldGuard ExtraFlags

Bukkit plugin extension for the WorldGuard plugin.

Resource GitHub

Platform Racing 3: Reborn

Flash game that was brought back by reverse engineering the client in 2015.

Website GitHub

Gold Tree Servers

Running game servers as a hobby since 2012.



Statistics of the popular Minecraft servers in Finland.