Joni Aromaa

Backend developer with interest in building creative, complex, scalable and big software with performance in the mind.

Primary writing C# and trying to understand the internals of CoreCLR.

Github Mail Discord: Joni#6762


TestMyCode: C# support

Added support for the C# language.

Created a library to help writing unit tests.

Website Documentation GitHub

Trash Detection

Modular and scalable Minecraft cheat detection system.

Works as a microservice and is seperate system from the game server.



Admin in Quutio since 2020.

Focusing on the backend infrastructure and building microservice based systems and core frameworks.

Website GitHub


Admin in PärinäCräft from 2016-2018.

Focused on developing frameworks to ease the development process of plugins.


WorldGuard ExtraFlags

Bukkit plugin extension for the popular WorldGuard plugin.

Resource GitHub

Platform Racing 3: Reborn

Flash game that was brought back by reverse engineering the client in 2015.

Website GitHub


Statistics of the popular Minecraft servers in Finland.